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Picture and Words: Haiku Poetry Contest

Location: The Blue Mountains Public Library.

Today is your last day to submit your Haiku Poem!

The Blue Mountains Public Library is hosting a Picture and Words Poetry Contest for the whole month of April.
Submit your very own Haiku poem to us, with a photo, drawing, or painting that reflects your Haiku poem. Haikus are super fun and creative poems to write. Haiku poems consist of three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second line seven and, the third line is a five again.

There are five age categories:

Ages 4-6 years
Ages 7-10 years
Ages 11-14 years
Ages 15-18 years
Ages 18+

The winning pieces will be posted on our website and featured in a Biblioboard exhibit. Winners will also receive some great prizes.

Contest closes at today! Winners will be announced in the first week of May!

Please send entries via email to libraryprograms@thebluemountains.ca. You can also submit using our social media pages:
Facebook @thebluemountainslibrary or Instagram @bmplibrary.
Please send Submissions as photos or documents.

Contact: Jen
Phone: 519-599-3681 Ext. 5
Email: libraryprograms@thebluemountains.ca Website: http://www.thebluemountainslibrary.ca